Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read following terms and conditions of use carefully before accessing and browsing this web site. You can use this web site only in the case you agree to and accept the terms and conditions. The below terms and conditions do not cause any contractual and legal obligations.


Basically, MEDIA JAPAN PTE. LTD. (hereafter referred to as ‘MEDIA JAPAN’) owns copyrights of information on this web site. And some copyrights of the information belong to the information providers. You are prohibited to copy, transmit, and distribute the information in whole or part, without MEDIA JAPAN’s prior written permission.

Conditions for the quotation of information on this web site

MEDIA JAPAN permits use of information on this web site for the purpose of quotation, only in the case you agree to and accept the below conditions. - Not use the information for any commercial purpose. - Not change, not modify any information on this web site. - Both the copyrights and these conditions must be shown in all materials explicitly.

Links to other websites

MEDIA JAPAN is not responsible for information on the third party’s web sites linked to or from this web site totally. To be linked with this web site does not mean MEDIA JAPAN assures the third party’s web sites.

Security for private information

MEDIA JAPAN categorizes information that can be used to detect particular persons as “personal information”. MEDIA JAPAN does not provide such information to external parties without prior agreements, except cases with legislative requests. And in case of operational outsourcing, MEDIA JAPAN makes firm contracts in terms of information security, in order to prevent the service suppliers from misuse of the information. Additionally, if our customers hope their personal information to be checked or modified, MEDIA JAPAN responds to such requests properly, in line with the current legislation.

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