Issued on January 2016
Regional Feature: Fukuoka prefecture
Special chef: Mr. Kenjiro "HATCH" Hashida


New Year season in Japan!  OISHII Vol.8 introduces several interesting stories about Japanese food and culture. The regional feature is Fukuoka prefecture. There is so much to see and do, and good food as well!!

  • Visit Japan feature – Fukuoka prefecture
  • Making The Katsu – Three chefs reveal the juicy secrets behind preparing the Katsu
  • It’s Raining Men – Introduction of three types of Japanese noodles
  • A Decadent Gallery – interview with Chef Kenjiro “Hatch” Hashida at Restaurant Hashida Garo
  • For The Love Of Japan – interview with CEO Lim Li Wei at Emporium Shokuhin

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