Issued on April 2017
Regional Feature: Koto
Special chef: Mr. Gunther Hubrechsen


Spring has come in Japan! OISHI Vol. 13 continually introduces the fascinating stories about Japanese foods and culture. This issue focuses on the appeal of Koto City Office, Tokyo – you will have a very fun time by enjoying the wonderful local foods and history of Edo era.  Edo era is from the beginning of the 17th century until the latter half of the 19th century.

Visit Japan feature – Koto City Office, Tokyo
A food culture – Introduce miso, soy sauce and sake made from koji.
Unique Candy – Kumiame (assembled candy) is a traditional Japanese sweet with a history that dates back to the Edo era.
Edomae sushi –Prevent degradation of fish with boil, use vinegar, soak in soy sauce. Rice vinegar is red vinegar, rice is 1.5 times bigger than usual! 
The ancient Japanese chopsticks  – Early Japanese believed that when a pair of chopsticks were offered to a deity alongside food, that deity would inhabit the chopsticks.
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