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  • HASHIGO-GO EVENT – Enjoy Fukui Produce in Singapore-


HASHIGO-GO EVENT – Enjoy Fukui Produce in Singapore-

1 October -31 October


Sample food from Fukui prefecture for yourself at one of the four restaurants below. They’ve prepared an exclusive deal, where you can enjoy Fukui specialties. This is the first of its kind, and is limited to the month of October only.

Be our HASHIGO CHAMPION and win our special prize!

The top 3 participants who visit the restaurant many times and 1 participants who post facebook most can get the prize!

★How to participate

1 Download the app Via QR codemember-qr
2. Go the restaurants below and order “Hashigo” menu
3. Start the app and hang member QR code over the reader at participating restaurants to court.


About Fukui Produces

It is the rich soil fertilized by the clear stream of the Kuzuryu-River. It is also the Sea of  Japan, where a cold and a warm current meet and create rich nourishment. Fukui have a wide variety of products from the mountain, the country and the ocean side. Thats are grown with great cared by the people of Fukui. It is good chance to try the unique products from the countryside, seasonal marine products.


Participating Restaurants









What is HASHIGO?

Hashigo Zake is a colloquial Japanese term referring to a “pub crawl”. Hashigo translates
to “ladder,” and hence the literal meaning of Hashigo Zake is “liquor ladder”. Akin to
going up the rungs of a ladder, Hashigo Zake is the practice of going from one bar to
another and sampling different types of alcohol. This term is not limited to bars alone,
but can also refer to making rounds at different restaurants or coffee shops. This Japanese
dates way back to the Edo period (1603-1868)! This month, we bring the Fukui produces
to Singapore so you can join in on the fun!

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