Also known as Japanese white sugar or caster sugar, johakuto is a type of refined sugar that contains significant amounts of glucose and fructose. Whether it is used in baking or cooking, the full-bodied sweetness of johakuto gives it an outstanding quality that is unrivalled among other types of white sugar in the market.

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While it is the most commonly used sugar in Japan, johakuto is rarely found in other countries. As compared to granulated sugar (the common gwhite sugarh found elsewhere around the world), johakuto is slightly sweeter and has fewer calories.

Another unique feature about johakuto lies in its texture; it feels a tad moist, and the crystals are smaller than granulated sugar. This is due to
the manner in which the sugar is produced – by dissolving boiled cane sugar using a centrifuge machine, which separates the crystals from the liquid. The damp sugar crystals are then left to dry in a sheltered compound as the final step.