Yose nabe

Literally meaning “put everything in a pot”, yose nabe brings together all sorts of ingredients, from meat and seafood to vegetables and tofu in stock. Typically cooked in a miso or soy sauce dashi broth, yose nabe is the most basic of nabe yet so flavourful and adaptable too, which is why it is a great nabe dish to make at home.

Fill a hot pot with kombu dashi, add chicken, fish, prawns or mushrooms to deepen the flavour, then put in other ingredients in order of cooking time — tofu and carrots first, then Japanese greens and leeks, for instance. Then season with soy sauce, miso, salt or other flavourings.

To properly enjoy the soup after eating the ingredients, add rice or udon, stir in a beaten egg and let it cook slightly.

Tip: The Japanese prefer not to combine meat with fish as they feel it tastes better with only one.