Feb 22, 2024

MEC Foods to Host Event Showcasing ‘Dokenran’ Eggs

On February 19th (Monday), MEC Foods, based in Chiba Prefecture, hosted an event at SABAR Singapore to showcase the appeal of their ‘Dokenran’ eggs.

These ‘Dokenran’ eggs, developed through three years of research driven by the passion to create something unique in the market, have received the Gold Award at the Japan Food Selection. A distinctive feature is the abundance of the nutrient Lutein, known to be beneficial for eye health. Lutein is not naturally produced in the human body and is typically obtained through diet, with eggs being particularly well-absorbed sources. In addition to Lutein, the eggs are rich in folic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

MEC Foods expressed their desire to reach the people of Singapore, a country known for its significant egg consumption, particularly those concerned about eye health.

The event aimed not only to convey the distinctiveness compared to other eggs but also allowed participants to savour the richness and flavour. Tasting menus included dishes such as chawanmushi, mackerel bowl with onsen tamago (hot spring egg), and Caesar salad.

Starting today, MEC Foods’ ‘Jiyōran’ (locally raised eggs) will be available for purchase at NTUC FairPrice stores in Singapore. These eggs, produced by feeding chickens with mixed feed Cross Jay (locally sourced nutrients), are characterized by a lack of unpleasant odor and a distinctive sweetness and richness.

The future plans of MEC Foods in expanding Japanese egg-eating culture in Singapore will be closely watched.”