Unique experiences in Tsuyama

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  • Souvenirs to remember Tsuyama by

    HORUMON DON This particular recipe for horumon rice was submitted to the B-1 Grand Prix food competition, so you can be assured of its great taste. Horumon curry is also available. ...

  • SHINJI INABA -CEO of Kuraya-

    The fifth-generation CEO of this confectionery store is also the Vice President of the tourism association, as well as the B-1 Grand Prix food competition that judges “second grade” regional delicacie...

  • Getting to know TSUYAMA CITY

    Tsuyama city is located in Okayama Prefecture with the Chugoku Mountains to its north, the Kibikogen Highlands to its south, and the Yoshii River running through it. In the Edo era (1603-1868), Tsuyam...