Apr 14, 2021

Recipes for shirasu in olive oil

The theme of this article is “Shirasu”. At present, it is mainly the young anchovy that is generally eaten as “shirasu”. In addition to anchovies, young mai eagles and young Urume eagles are also sold as shirasu, but young anchovies are the most abundant. In the days when refrigeration technology was not as advanced as it is today, shirasu was not widely distributed and was mostly consumed locally. As time went on, fishing methods, refrigeration, distribution, and processing techniques improved, and nowadays shirasu is available everywhere.

The name of shirasu changes according to its processing. If it is just boiled, it is called “Kama-age shirasu”, and if it is dried in the sun, it is called “shirasu-boshi”, and depending on the region and how dry it is, it is called Naka-boshi shirasu (Taihaku shirasu, Taihaku, Yawaboshi, Normal-boshi) or Kami-boshi shirasu (Chirimen, Chirimenjako, Kachiri).

The nutrition of shirasu

As shirasu can be eaten whole, including the bones, it is particularly rich in calcium. Many nutrients are contained in shirasu, such as taurine, potassium, iron, and zinc, which improve the functioning of the liver. Dried shirasu is also rich in nucleic acid, which helps to keep you young by boosting your immune system, preventing cancer and lifestyle-related diseases, and slowing down the ageing process and dementia. Nucleic acid also helps to control the amount of sebum secreted by the skin and is said to be effective in making the skin beautiful when taken in moderate amounts.

This time we have recipes for a product made from shirasu in olive oil. It is easy to prepare at home, just marinate the shirasu in olive oil, thinly sliced garlic and sliced dried chilli.

Recipes for shirasu in olive oil

Carpaccio of sea bream

Ingredients (2 servings) :
Sashimi (sea bream) …100~150g
Lemon…1/2 piece
Broccoli sprouts…1/2 packs
Shirasu in olive oil…tablespoon1
Soy sauce…teaspoon2
Cashew nuts…20g

1. Crush the cashews, cut half of the lemons into thin moons, and squeeze the juice from the rest.

2. Mix the shirasu in olive oil with the soy sauce.

3. Mix half of ② into the broccoli sprouts.

4. Arrange the sashimi and lemons on a plate, top with the remaining ②, lemon juice, crushed cashews, and garnish with broccoli sprouts.

Boiled tofu with shirasu

Ingredients (2 servings) :
Silken tofu …1 Ding
Shirasu in olive oil…2 tablespoons
Long Onions…1piece
★Mixture A:
Dashi broth …500ml
light soy sauce …3 tablespoons
Mirin…3 tablespoons

1. Cut the tofu into bite-sized pieces and slice the spring onions diagonally.

2. Put A in an earthenware pot and heat, add the spring onions and bring to the boil, then simmer over a low heat for 2-3 minutes.

3. Add the tofu and cook over a low heat until warm, then add the shirasu in olive oil and cook briefly.

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