Nov 25, 2022

Brown rice “Yukiwakamaru” is now available on OISHII!

OISHII has visited many places in Japan and has selected the best Japanese Ingredients for you to buy here in Singapore. Enjoy the Japanese OISHII made with all their heart and soul by the producers.

This time “OISHII Select” introduces Yukiwakamaru specially cultivated brown rice from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan’s rice-producing region!

About Yukiwakamaru specially cultivated brown rice

We deliver Japanese “Yukiwakamaru brown rice” to you from Yamagata prefecture at north JAPAN, where is a region that produces high-quality rice!

Yukiwakamaru is the newest branded rice of Yamagata since 2018.
Advantages of Yukiwakamaru is large grain and new chewing resistance, and the taste is simply sophisticated.

Yukiwakamaru brown rice is delicious and has a large grain.
They are the most healthy and delicious food, because they provide so many vitamins and minerals and food fiber for your body.

To enjoy chew resistance, we use a large special mesh to select large grain.
As a certified special cultivation, we use a half of fertilizer and agricultural chemicals compared with usual cultivation.

We propose to eat as a congee to enjoy their soft and good chewing resistance at the same time.


➀ 1 pack (300g)

Selling price: S$11.00+GST
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●Product of YAMAGATA prefecture, Japan
●Weight: 300g / pack
●Vacuum packed
●Perfect for congee

② 5 packs / case

Selling price: S$54.00+GST
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●Product of YAMAGATA prefecture, Japan
●Weight: 1500g (300g×5)
●Vacuum packed
●Perfect for congee

How to eat – Easy and delicious!

We recommend eating it as a breakfast congee.
You will enjoy eating with large grain and a grilled flavor.
There is a most healthy food because they provide many vitamins and mineral and food fiber for your body together.

breakfast congee

From the producer

We engage in agriculture in Yamagata prefecture in northern JAPAN.
During a long winter, the snow covered all the fields.  Our fields recover the soil suitable for growing rice.
So we can make delicious rice next year. We enjoy agriculture to strike a balance between tradition and transformation.
We wish to bring our happy smile to your family.

Haga niconico farm co.,Ltd
Sagae city 1-4-13 Honami Yamagata JAPAN 991-0028
Tel: +81-2-3478-2626

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