Jul 1, 2016

Chef Yosuke Suga / A Good Egg

“With White Asparagus & Tosajiro’s Egg, I wanted to create a dish where the ingredients not only complement each another, they also enhance the flavour of Krug Grande
Cruvee. I used white asparagus – it is in season in France right now – pine nuts, raisins, fresh fruit like green apple and lemon, and Tosajiro egg. Tosajiro is a special breed of free-range chickens raised in the Kochi prefecture. I’ve personally visited the farm previously. Tosajiro egg yolks are large and taste incredibly rich and smooth.

My base technique for cooking has always been French, but I believe we should adapt the way we cook. Japan is renowned for her fresh produce. There, certain ingredients cannot be cooked the French way. Similarly, there are some French ingredients that cannot be cooked the Japanese way. Take the sea bass as an example – France and Japan may have the same species of sea bass, but the texture and taste of the fish is so remarkably different that we can’t cook them in the same way. The French sea bass is beautiful when cooked in broth, while the Japanese sea bass, lovely when eaten fresh.

(TEXT  Tan Lili Photography Raymond Toh/Vineyard Productions)

Chef Yosuke Suga

Having worked alongside Joel Robuchon, one of the world’s most celebrated Michelin-star chefs, for 16 years, Chef Yosuke Suga’s esoteric knowledge of French cuisine has enabled him to not only help in the opening of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon restaurants around the world, but also run his own culinary laboratory Sugalabo Inc. in Japan. Here in Singapore for an exclusive one-day gourmet collaboration, Chef Suga, together with Chef Millar (executive chef of Stellar at
1-Altitude and fellow Krug ambassador), created a decadent set menu featuring egg-based dishes to pair with Krug Grande Cruvee.