Oct 1, 2018


Live it up in luxury with this ryokan onsen’s girlish, whimsical charm.


web19_taenoyu_6474Taenoyu is the classy pick of the pack with its luxurious interiors and stunning room views. Plus, with a whopping eight baths—each with its own spring water properties—you’ll get a myriad of health benefits at your disposal.

Usually, baths are either designated as male-only or female-only. But at this onsen, the baths switch designations during scheduled times of the day. Couples can even enjoy the privacy of outdoor, mixed baths under a blanket of stars at night. Afterwards, treat yourself to Taenoyu’s impressive kaiseki-style dinner. During autumn, their kinoko-jiru (assorted mushroom soup) is especially popular!
Pamper yourself in the gold and silver baths
Aptly named the gold and silver baths, these outdoor pools could very well be fit for royalty. After all, it was awarded “Best Outdoor Bath in Japan” for winter! You get to soak in its healing waters amid nature’s backdrop of a roaring waterfall and majestic river landscape.

The gold bath gets its moniker from the reddish hue caused by iron deposits. This lustrous onsen has an acidic pH value of 2.9 and is known to alleviate rashes and dry skin. Ladies who long for smooth and supple skin, this is the place for you! Feeling stressed from the bustle of city life? A dip in Taenoyu’s silver pool is your answer—it soothes away anxiety and insomnia.

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A spiritual connection
Taenoyu’s indoor pools are just as glamorous—the first thing that strikes you is its luxurious wood panelling, natural light from an air vent and a soft glow that lends a moody elegance to this hot spring. It even comes with wooden racks for you to recline on as you soak up the nourishing waters.

You’ll also find an ancient stone relic that is hundreds of years old. It has a faded pattern of spirals and dots carved on it. It’s said to be a praying stone for mountain water—proof of the historical and spiritual relationship between nature and the Nyuto Village people.

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Sumptuous kaiseki-style dinner.

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Taenoyu Onsen
2-1 Tazawako Obonai aza Komagatake,
Senboku City, Akita 014-1201
Tel: 0187-46-2740