Jan 9, 2019

Eat and rest well in the Aichi Highlands

Enjoy Nature all Year Round

From spring to winter, Aichikogen-Okumikawa will put you in a relaxing mood with its
limitless array of natural highlights.

春 – Spring (March to May)

Along the Nakura river in Shimizu district, Shitara-chō, you’ll find a picture-perfect backdrop of blossoming Kohigan sakura flowers—so pretty in pink!

夏 – Summer(June to August)

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Fishing for ayu is a popular pastime at the Furikusa River in Tōei-chō. The ayu fish from this river has won a prize for best taste in a competition in Japan.
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Located in a dense forest with mountain streams, the Kuragari Gorge in Okazaki City is an ideal camping spot.

秋 – Autumn(September to November)

Perched about 700 metres above sea level, the Hourai temple in Shinshiro City is home to beautiful foliage in autumn.

冬 – Winter(December to February)

If you ski, don’t miss the opportunity to do so at Mt. Chausuyama in Toyone village with its prized view 1,358 metres above ground.
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