Oct 30, 2019

HIGH TEA the Japanese way

You’ve done your share of English afternoon tea sets with buttered scones and cucumber sandwiches, and eaten your way through every local high tea buffet. Now it’s time to try a Japanese-style afternoon tea.

Marina Mandarin Japanese Floral High Tea (1)
Marina Mandarin
Japanese Floral High Tea

From Mondays to Fridays, Amara Singapore’s Tea Room serves its Japanese Afternoon Tea set ($45nett for two), which includes sweet and savoury Japanese snacks with TWG’s Kona Sencha.

R1003 Merchant Court4647 - Autumn in Hokkaido Afternoon Tea copy (1)
Merchant Court Autumn
in Hokkaido Afternoon Tea

If you live for Instagram, head to Marina Mandarin’s Atrium Lounge daily for its Japanese Floral High Tea ($38++ per person). Snap foodporn-worthy photos of The Floral Elixir, a ruby chocolate sphere with fondant flowers, lavender ice cream, champagne, cranberry ice cream and Hokkaido lavender. You’ll also love the Blossom, an almond-crusted profiterole with sakura cream, as well as the Signature Snow Crab, Lobster Roll, Japanese plum tarts and the fusion scones with matcha cream and Hokkaido butter.

Over at Crossroads Bar in Swissotel Merchant Court, things get seasonal with its Autumn in Hokkaido Afternoon tea ($42++ per person), available from 1 Sep to 30 Nov. Tuck into the Somen Noodle Salad with Hokkaido Scallop and Ikura, and the Hokkaido Unagi Open Faced Sandwich. Then have a taste of reinvented classic faves like Yuzu Citrus Scones, Japanese Style Lavender Swiss Rolls, Hokkaido Strawberry Éclairs and even Green Tea Egg Tarts.