Sep 22, 2015

What is KANPAI?

Are you a sake enthusiast? KANPAI is a supplement that offers you an insight into the intriguing sake culture in Japan.

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Celebrate the sake season with this exciting lineup of events, starting
with The Day of Sake on 1 October 2015. The Oishii Kanpai! booklet is also available online.

kanpai-2The Day of Sake

1 October 2015
Over 50 F&B establishments in Singapore will be participating in this event. And sake brewery owners from Kayashima Syuzo, Oita prefecture and Ichishima Syuzo, Niigata prefecture will talk about the sake brewing process at Lewin Terrace, followed by a special Kanpai moment, as participants in Singapore link up with those in Tokyo over Skype to usher in the season of sake merriment.

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Sake Week

1 to 15 October 201512002963_1039687922763876_6255708684178314885_n
For the first two weeks in October, more than 45 participating restaurants will be offering special set menus, including sakes, at special prices. During the Sake Week, patrons also stand a chance to win one of 300 sets of sake goodies by bringing along a Stamp Sheet (available in Oishii Kanpai! booklet or participating restaurants) and having different sakes in five participating restaurants.

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1HASHIGO-GO EVENT @ Mohamed Sultan

1 to 15 October 2015
Hashigo is a colloquial Japanese term that refers to bar-hopping or pub crawl. This practice comes to Singapore during The Sake Week, as participants join in the bar-hopping experience and receive exclusive deals on sake and finger food, simply by mentioning “Hashigo” to the staff at any participating restaurant. Additionally, there will be an ongoing Facebook contest on the Oishii Kanpai Facebook page, crowning the first-ever HASHIGO Champion.

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