Oct 1, 2018

The Healing Waters of Nyuto Onsen

How to get to Nyuto Onsen


By Train
Hop on JR bullet train, Akita Shinkansen Komachi(こまち). The nearest station for Nyuto Onsen is Tazawako station. There is hourly service from
Tokyo to Tazawako via Sendai and Morioka. The journey takes roughly 3.5 hours from Tokyo, 2 hours from Sendai and 40 minutes from Morioka. Book your seat in advance, as seats on all Komachi trains are reserved. Japan Rail Pass is accepted.

By Air
Nearest domestic airport is Akita airport. The flight takes 65 minutes from Haneda airport or 1 hour 25 minutes from Kansai airport. From Akita airport, there is a direct train service, Akita Airport Liner Nyutogo by JR, which is a 2-hour ride to Tazawako station.From Tazawako station, take a direct bus to Nyuto Onsen. The journey takes 55 minutes via Tazawa lake.
Drop by Lake Tazawa
Visit the deepest lake in Japan! Here, you’ll find the distinct golden statue of Tatsuko, the legendary beauty of Japanese folklore. Apart from historical sites dotted round the lake’s perimeter, you’d also be treated to Lake Tazawa’s spectacular views.

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